| Winter chills in February |

I don't know about anyone else but I am very excited for brighter and warmer days in Ireland. I know sometimes this combination can be tough to achieve with our climate but here is hoping!
I feel recently the weeks are just flying in with deadlines for assignments and the general craziness of life. This blogpost I decided to mix things up and bring yet another winter outfit but with wacky colours and bright features to represent my recent mood.

As you can see from the photos I am very content at the minute with my life. Everything and everyone in it are great and I am loving adapting a positive attitude to my daily life in 2018.
My motto this year is 'Good vibes only' which can be cheesy but it's so true. It can be easy just to see the negative traits in everything we do and not actually realise that sometimes things to happen for a reason.

I recently wrote an article for my Maynooth University Student Union about tips on how maintain positive mental health in your lif…


Hey everyone, In 2018 I set myself a couple of small goals and one of them was to post more look books and fashion posts on my blog because as the name goes I want my blog to be focused around what I like in Fashion and my style. Fashion really is my passion, I know that sounds somewhat cheesy but I love creating looks and putting outfits together because it comes second nature to me. In this blogpost, I am talking about all things Denim. If I was a piece of clothing I definitely would be a denim jacket, that sounds so weird but I just love love love anything Denim. I wear Denim nearly every single day because I feel like you can never go wrong with the trend whether its dressing for causal everyday to going out at night.

This outfit is pretty casual because it was a Sunday and I like to be comfortable but still look fashionable at the same time at the weekends. I am not joking when I say I wear Double Denim at least once a week, it's a trend that just never gets old for me. Some …

Style File | The Grammys

Welcome back to the blog, Today's post is all about my favourite fashion picks of 'The Grammys' that took place last Sunday. The Grammys isn't just about the music, the fashion and red carpet antics are as equally important in my opinion. I want to make this post super short so here goes..

Camilla Cabello
There is something about Red that is just classic and always works on the red carpet, Camilla decided to take the classic yet timeless red dress approach at this year's Grammys which I thought was perfect for her shape and oozed elegance on the red carpet. The ruffling detail added texture to the look and it was hands down one of my favourite looks of the night. Simplicity always works.

Anna Kendrick and Eve 
I am the biggest fan of a power pant suit especially on the red carpet. A couple of celebrities that literally hit the nail on the head with this trend was Actress Anna Kendrick and Singer 'Eve'
Kendrick suit had a statement print known as 'Dogtooth…

How to take photos for your Nu. Profile

Hey everyone! Finally back with a new blogpost.In today’s post I will be discussing how you can brush up on your photography skills and make your photos stand out from the crowd on your Nu. Profile. The main aim of the post is to show fellow Nu. lovers how take cool photos for their Profile in the simplest form following these short and simple steps.

Background- In my opinion I feel the background is one of the most important elements when taking photos for your profile on Nu. The background attracts the attention of the consumer/viewer and when selecting a background for your photos I would advise keeping the backdrop simple preferably neutral (use bright shades such as white) so the item you are showcasing can be the main focus of the picture.
I would recommend using a white piece of cardboard or even a white sheet if you have one handy in your house. For my photos I decided to use my marble bed sheet cover from penneys as my backdrop and it looks really cool on my Nu. profile. Why no…

Nu. Wardrobe - The Launch

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog, just a quick reminder that the Launch of Nu. Wardrobe online platform is coming on the 18th September for all university students around Ireland. This launch comes just in time for a fresh college year. It is the perfect place to browse for any kind of occasion wear this includes super causal to fancy.

Good news, It is free of charge and it is a great way to find inspiration and unique pieces for your wardrobe.

The platform operates like any other clothing website which makes it extremely easy to use for everyday consumers. This platform is definitely worth the browse and you never know you could end finding some hidden gems that could never be found on the regular high street and at the fraction of the price. When you sign up as user you become part of the nu wardrobe community, this includes having the freedom to post items of clothing to swap on the platform as well as the opportunity to borrow clothes from other users for a certain duration a…

NYFW- The Front of Fashion

Welcome back to my blog! This week's post is all about my fashion faves from the highly anticipated NYFW.  This is a time for designers to showcase all their designs and creations on a catwalk to the fashion industry and where else would be the perfect place only the biggest city for high-end Fashion- New York. In this piece I will be chatting all my favourite looks from one of the biggest week's in fashion, this includes looks on-off the catwalk.

Casual Looks-
This year's NYFW focused heavily on the casual side of Fashion, which I was very pleased to see because this means we are ourselves can try and emulate some of the looks that featured throughout the week. This included Oversized tops and jumpers, one of my favourite looks was from hot-trot model Gigi Hadid. She really does make causal look effortlessly cool by pairing the vibrant pink jumper with blue slouch jeans and sparkly loafers, really quirky and well put together by the model.

Another famous model that knows …

Dua Lipa - Making 'New Rules' in the Fashion World

Welcome back! I am so proud of myself for  writing another blogpost less than a week since the last one 'crazy'. My goal for this college year is to be consistent with everything including the activity on my blog. So with that hopefully I will be posting at least once a week in the coming months wish me luck!

Dua Lipa has literally taken the world by storm since her massive hit 'New Rules' dropped a couple f
of months ago. The song to some degree is undoubtedly relatable to the female population of this world, this has made her one of the biggest role models for most of us because the lyrics are extremely identifiable and catchy to us listeners. For me, she hasn't just caught my eye through her clever songwriting and amazing singing voice but also through her unique sense of style on and off stage. She wears clothes that stand out from your typical bubblegum popstar.

I am absolutely obsessed with her performance outfits, they always have that element of edge mixed …