| Get the 90s Look |

Hey and welcome back to the blog! As college work and deadlines creep into my life I have finally decided to write another outfit post and this look is definitely one of my favourite to date. This look is simple and cool but screams retro 90s vibes. I have been loving wearing mostly vintage clothes lately and this outfit was bought from a variety of alternative vintage markets in London.

I stated in my recent blogpost about my trip to Brick Lane in London that is was one of the best places to shop for unique and stand out pieces for your wardrobe. This blogpost is actually one of my most popular posts to date and it was great to hear some nice feedback about my outfit posts from the quick LDN trip.

I want to keep this blogpost short because no one likes to read a load of rambles especially when obviously you come to read blogposts but also to look at visuals because they are usually the stand-out element of any blogpost in my opinion. Here ya go:

Outfit deets:

Jumper-Brick Lane Vintag…

| Feel the Fear |

'Feel the fear and do it anyway'

A few days ago, I came across this quote on Instagram and I realised it is a quote I truly believe in. Recently I decided to start focusing my effort and time into blogging and my Instagram for this blog 'Fashion Follows' because it is something I am truly passionate about.

I am currently studying Media and Business at Maynooth University and I always wanted to take my blog serious since starting my journey in college. As usual doubts can circulate in your head about what people will think and say but for me it was never a big issue about what others would think about what I wanted to do, it was all up to 'me' to make time for the thing I really enjoy doing on a daily basis.

I know people will judge and talk 'who does she think she is' but the people that usually talk in this manner are the ones that wouldn't have the balls (lol) to put themselves out there and express their passion. I am writing on this blog and pos…

| Thrift it |

From childhood I always had an interest in dressing up and putting outfits together, I think my love for fashion all started from looking at photos of my mum when she was younger and realising that an outfit can express who you want to be and be more than just 'normal' in this world. Since a caught the fashion bug my huge passion for the industry is certainty not changing anytime soon.

In recent months I have discovered a new form of fashion buying called 'Thrifting' which of course can be described as vintage shopping but for me it also has that element of excitement that no one can put into words. Thrift shopping is an art, you can be lucky and find some incredible pieces when you spend your time looking through small, alternative and nifty shops usually located in recluse area away from your 'typical' high street shops. It has become my new obsession when shopping for new pieces for my wardrobe. I got sick of looking in the same stores and websites for a whi…

| Bank Holiday Vibes |

Welcome back to my blog, I hope you all had a fabulous bank holiday. This weekend was mental with work and celebrations for Paddy's day (nursing a hangover the day after), it was not fun lol.
I am now back home in Monaghan because I have two weeks off from college, with that I want to focus my time and effort on creating more outfit posts and producing content I love and enjoy for the blog.

It feels extremely weird being off for two weeks from college because I like my daily routine way too much and living away from home to be honest. Monaghan is way smaller than Maynooth and I live in the countryside here with no form of transportation during the day because I haven't learned how to drive yet which sounds bad because I am 21 in August. Learning how to drive is on my to do list this Summer hopefully when I have more time to focus on just it and nothing else. It gives me complete anxiety thinking about learning how to drive and juggling college work. No Thanks!

Anyways, The sun…

| LDN |

My life is a constant go and time is of the essence. With time off because of the snow I am only finding the time now to sit down and write this post.

Last weekend I visited my friend in London, I have been to London a couple of times before and I have to say every time I go I always have a great time to exploring new places and obviously  shopping lol.

I always wanted to go vintage shopping in London, this time we decided to finally go and give into the hype of the Vintage markets in Brick Lane. This area of London is not my usual scene but it was nice to explore the area and shop the Vintage scene in LDN.

As always I purchased a couple of new items, I was so surprised with the price of the vintage pieces. In my opinion, I think they are fairly priced compared to shopping for vintage in Dublin. I found a cool pair of Levi mom jeans for £30!

It was absolutely baltic over in London, I was wearing about 4 jumpers and a jacket and I was still freezing haha. I feel like Summer is never co…

| Winter chills in February |

I don't know about anyone else but I am very excited for brighter and warmer days in Ireland. I know sometimes this combination can be tough to achieve with our climate but here is hoping!
I feel recently the weeks are just flying in with deadlines for assignments and the general craziness of life. This blogpost I decided to mix things up and bring yet another winter outfit but with wacky colours and bright features to represent my recent mood.

As you can see from the photos I am very content at the minute with my life. Everything and everyone in it are great and I am loving adapting a positive attitude to my daily life in 2018.
My motto this year is 'Good vibes only' which can be cheesy but it's so true. It can be easy just to see the negative traits in everything we do and not actually realise that sometimes things to happen for a reason.

I recently wrote an article for my Maynooth University Student Union about tips on how maintain positive mental health in your lif…


Hey everyone, In 2018 I set myself a couple of small goals and one of them was to post more look books and fashion posts on my blog because as the name goes I want my blog to be focused around what I like in Fashion and my style. Fashion really is my passion, I know that sounds somewhat cheesy but I love creating looks and putting outfits together because it comes second nature to me. In this blogpost, I am talking about all things Denim. If I was a piece of clothing I definitely would be a denim jacket, that sounds so weird but I just love love love anything Denim. I wear Denim nearly every single day because I feel like you can never go wrong with the trend whether its dressing for causal everyday to going out at night.

This outfit is pretty casual because it was a Sunday and I like to be comfortable but still look fashionable at the same time at the weekends. I am not joking when I say I wear Double Denim at least once a week, it's a trend that just never gets old for me. Some …